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In our offer we offer a wide range of wood products


Sawn timber includes sawn wood products such as planks, beams, laths, boards, pallet elements of different sizes and classes.

The logs we saw are usually fir or spruce that grow at altitudes over 1000 meters, and mostly over 100 years old. .

Within the facility, there is a timber storage the size of 1000 square meters, and a drying kiln capacity up to 150 m3 in which, if necessary, drying and thermal treating of wood is done.


These elements are made from selected spruce, fir and sometimes pine wood. They are used as raw material for making joinery. The humidity is reduced to 8-10 %, and for bonding elements glues of D3 and D4 standards made by reputable manufacturers are used.

The most commonly produced laminated elements are:

– Planks glued by length or by width, 25 to 50 mm thick, and up to 3 meter long. – Two-layer and tree layer elements (DKD euroblock), 95×48; 86x72mm; 95x72mm, 0,5m to 3m long, and lengthwise bonded element of various sizes (KKK fingerjoint), max. length up to 6m. – Veneer strips, extended lengthwise, 16,18,20 mm thick – Door frames, bonded lengthwise, 34x42x2050mm – Glued beams, various sizes, max. length up to do 6m. – Floor boards, bonded lengthwise, 22 mm thick, various sizes.


Firewood we provide is mostly beech. Standard log is 8 to 10 cm thick, 22,33 and 50 cm long.

The dimension of a pallet for packing firewood is 100x105x180 cm.

The weight of a mildly dry firewood on a pallet is about 900 kg.


Interior doors are made of a combination of mdf and selected solid wood from our own production.

They can be varnished according to the RAL tone chart or covered with natural veneers or foil..

The built-in fittings are from renowned European manufacturers